• Wool White 00
  • Silk Grey 03
  • Silver Grey 05
  • Slate Grey 28
  • Anthracite 04
  • Black 01
  • Snow White 02
  • Rose Quartz 62
  • Cherry Blossom 72
  • Antique Pink 40
  • Pearl Grey 37
  • Muscat 47
  • Pigeon Blue 36
  • Basalt Blue 46
  • Jeans 12
  • Pastel Blue 43
  • Lilac 32
  • Plum 31
  • Royal 10
  • Navy 11
  • Sage 64
  • Linden Green 38
  • May Green 19
  • Pine 34
  • Peach 44
  • Coral 39
  • Chili 15
  • Carmine 33
  • Curry 08
  • Sunny Yellow 14
  • Pink 17
  • Turquoise 20
  • Petrol 24
  • Purple 18

ICA is a vegan cotton yarn in chain structure made of 100% organic pima cotton, with a meterage of 80 m on 50 g (87 yd. on 1.76 oz.) it has Aran weight. For ICA we use exclusively Peruvian Pima cotton in the extremely rare organic quality.

Also referred to as silk of South America, this premium cotton type with a fiber length of up to 40mm is one of the highest quality cotton types worldwide. The extra-long cotton fibers give the Pima yarn its outstanding softness and make it very durable and durable. Peruvian Pima cotton grows under the ideal climatic conditions and is harvested very gently by hand, thereby the fiber remains as undamaged as possible and the cotton receives its characteristic, bright white.

We have ICA spun and dyed directly by our fair-trade certified production partner in Peru. Due to the chain structure, this quality is easy to knit especially for beginners and is also ideal for crocheting. Accessories, practical shopping nets or exclusive potholders get a noble look and silky feel with ICA. Knitted, especially lace and textured patterns are very beautifully expressed. Easy to care for and machine washable, ICA is a good choice for baby and children’s knitwear as well as clothes or doilies.

LAMANA color world: Due to the carefully coordinated colors, our qualities can be combined very harmoniously with each other, but also offer the possibilities of light nuances and strong contrasts.

Care: ICA can be washed in the wool cycle in the washing machine at 30°. We recommend the use of a neutral, mild wool detergent without enzymes and plasticizers, in very low doses. Then dry the knitted piece gently lying flat and avoid direct sunlight.