• Silver Grey 05A
  • Slate Grey 28A
  • Anthracite 04A
  • Carmine 33A
  • Bordeaux 16A
  • Plum 31A
  • Pearl Grey 37A
  • Malva 60A
  • Rose Quartz 62A
  • Antique Pink 40A
  • Pigeon Blue 36A
  • Basalt Blue 46A
  • Jeans 12A
  • Navy 11A
  • Petrol 24A
  • Curry 08A
  • Muscat 47A
  • Sage 64A

PIURA Arte is the semi solid hand-dyed version of PIURA, our two-ply Lace yarn made of 100% baby alpaca wool with a meterage of 400 m on 50g (437 yd. on 1.76 oz.). Due to the slightly firmer twist, the yarn has a sturdy but still extremely soft and silky thread with a delicate fluff. PIURA Arte has a rather calm color character and is characterized by a subtly changing color play with delicate gradients. 

We source the alpaca wool for PIURA Arte from Peru, where the animals are kept in their natural environment in the highlands of the Andes. Our Peruvian production partner is fair-trade certified and also a member of the Asociación Internacional de la Alpaca, a non-profit organization that upholds the outstanding Alpaca quality standard and ensures the economic, social and environmental sustainability. The local raw wool is spun directly on site and dyed according to the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 for baby products.

PIURA Arte is particularly versatile. Knitted individually, it is great for delicate scarves, especially lace patterns get a magical look through the light fluff. Worked double stranded in Fingering weight, it creates incomparably soft and light garments and accessories for the whole year.

PIURA Arte shines especially as a supplementary yarn, the subtle color gradients make the knitted pieces look even more lively and give the knit an individual, unique touch.

LAMANA color world: Due to the carefully coordinated colors, our qualities can be combined very harmoniously with each other, but also offer the possibilities of light nuances and strong contrasts.

Care: PIURA ARTE is hand washable. We recommend the use of a neutral, mild wool detergent without enzymes and plasticizers, in very low doses. Then dry the knitted piece gently lying flat and avoid direct sunlight.